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Just Started My Summer Job

I am not exactly a valued member of the team right now, but I found a pretty good paying summer job working for a Houston foundation repair company. Obviously it is not like I have any clue what I am doing, but they are paying me to do the hard work. There is an old guy who is some sort of engineer, which is a good thing. You have to understand what you are doing when you mess around with the foundation of a house. The big thing is to know about building materials, but also about the geology involved in a foundation. Most of the time when you have to do this sort of work, it is because some other guy made a mistake. The big thing involves not understanding drainage. If you give water enough time, then it can do just about anything. All you have to do is to take a look at the Grand Canyon to understand that.

If you build a house and mess things up so that the water does not drain away, then you can end up with something called subsiding. It is pretty simple in effect. The soil gives way from under the foundation and then the foundation has nothing to hold it in place, so it settles down. It is really a lot more complicated to actually understand what to do, but the first thing is to lift it up back to where it should be. After that you have to replace the ground that is supposed to be there. The important thing is to make certain that you solve the underlying problem and make sure that it does not immediately happen all over again the next time that you turn around. I am trying to learn as much as I am able.

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