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Getting My Sister’s Trees Trimmed Down

When I saw how nice my sister’s trees looked, I got pretty excited. I had not been to her house in nearly a year, but I could still remember how tall a few of the trees close to her house were. I told her she should contact a tree service in Long Island NY to get them cut back some, but she had told me that she was not going to pay someone money to make the trees just a little bit shorter. She is on a limited income, so I could understand the hesitation to do something like this.

I had talked with some of our other family members and explained the situation to them. We decided to contact a tree service on our own to see how much it would cost to have her trees trimmed down to a more manageable size. My main fear was that they would topple over if there were high winds. The taller the trees got, the more dangerous they became not only for her own house and outbuildings but for one of her neighbors too. I also worried that they would continue to grow not only up but out too, which would be dangerously close to the power lines.

When I explained the problem to the person at the tree service, they agreed to go out and give me an estimate. The price was extremely reasonable, and I knew that it was something that we could all chip in for to surprise her. She was so happy when I told her, and she told me that she was secretly worried about the trees too but just could not afford to have them trimmed herself. I think she was mostly surprised at the price, because it was a lot lower than we had expected too. When I saw the trees for the first in person after they had been trimmed, I knew that we had made the right call.

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