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I Wanted to Move to a New State for the Fun of It

I often get bored if I am forced to stay in one place for too long. I have no idea why this happens to me, and I never know when the feeling is going to hit until it actually happens. This partially explains why I found myself looking at apartments for rent in Taylorsville Utah recently. I had been living in California for about 5 years prior to that, and I was ready to leave and move on. I chose Utah as the next place to go to. It meant that I would be leaving behind my job and all the friends that I had made over the past 5 years, but I had to do it.

My mother told me that she noticed that I would often grow bored things with a child. My brothers were happy to play with the same toys, wear the same clothes and go the same places over and over again. However, my mom did not know that my reluctance to keep doing certain things had anything to do with the fact that I was bored. I went on to act the same way when it comes to school, too. Going to the same classes day in and day out was horrifically boring to me. I got really good grades in schoo, and I did it without having to do much homework or studying in general. I aced most all of my tests. I simply got bored with how things moved so slowly and nothing really changed.

The only problem with the fact that I need new things to stimulate me is that I can’t really stay at any one job for very long. That is a problem if you really want to move up in any one company. But it is the price that I have to pay, and I am very happy to give that up for the chance to try out new things. Perhaps one day I will settle down.

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