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I Was Really Lucky to Find a Nice Venue on Short Notice

I had ridden in busses before to travel to different cities. I had even ridden a school bus for many years to and from school. But I had never realized that getting one from Platinum Party Bus Rental Service would be a good idea for a party. In fact, when someone suggested that it would be the perfect venue, I imagined a school bus sort of situation and wondered how that would be ideal for any sort of party. But they explained that I should not think in terms of that type of bus and should instead go take a look at them in person because they are actually luxurious as can be inside.

I did not have much time to come up with a place to hold an event that I was having, so I called the company the very next day. I asked if I could get something rented as soon as that weekend. It was a bit of a suprise to have them tell me that would not be a problem. I had been calling around to so many other venues and each had told me that they didn’t have any openings for several months. I was gettng so frustrated with finding a place that I feared I would have to hold a party in my own backyard, and that would not work.

I stopped by the next morning to meet with an employee to take a look at everything. I got to see just one bus because the others were all being worked on for events latter that night. The one I saw very quickly was incredible inside, and I booked it on the spot. I had a caterer come in on the night of the party with some really tasty BBQ. The bus company provided the beer. Now I tell everyone to use the same company for events because I was really nice to do feel pampred and not have to ruin my own home for the sake of guests.

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