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Looking for the Big Fish

I took up fishing as a hobby early this year and I’ve been really enjoying it. I never really cared about going fishing before mainly because of the thought of having to use worms at bait for the fish. This was before I discovered lures can be just as effective at catching fish. I quickly got the hang of fishing and after a while, I caught so much fish that I had to look for the top waterproof scales for 2016, because the scale that I used to have stopped working.

My old scale was a cheap scale that I got from a local dollar store. The scale was really only made for weighing simple things around the house, not for wet fish. The scale worked for a few uses when I weighed the fish, but all of the water from the fish and from cleaning the scale eventually caused the scale to start giving out false readings, and then one it day it just wouldn’t power on anymore. I made a temporary scale out of a wooden stick and used some weights from my dumbbell set for balance. While it worked, it was more cumbersome to use and took more time to get the reading.

Now that I have a waterproof scale, I can weigh the fish and clean the scale without worrying about water damage. I’ve been trying to set a personal record with each fishing trip that I take. Over my past few trips, the fish that I’ve been catching have weighed around the same amount, with a slight increase in some of their weights, but nothing massive. I’ve heard rumors that some of the bigger fish come out later in the year, so I hope I’ll be able to get them before the other fishermen snatch them up.

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