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My Cousin Was Self Conscious with Her Looks

I knew that my cousin was self conscious about her small breasts, but I honestly had no idea that it was as bad as it was with her. She broke down one night when she spent the evening with me, and years of frustration just poured out from her. I talked with her about different options, but she was adamant about not wanting to do anything unnatural, like surgery. I asked her if she had ever considered a breast enlargement cream, but she told me that those really did not work. I knew that they did because a good friend of mine is living proof of it, but I did not try to change her mind while we were talking.

I knew that she carried the same stubborn gene that I have, so I decided to just surprise her one day with a three month supply of Naturaful. I figured it was the least I could do because I had definitely been blessed in that department, as had most of the other women in our family. I didn’t want her to feel bad about herself anymore, especially when I knew that there was something that could help her.

When the Naturaful came in, I went to her house. I was armed with the cream, the pills, and pictures of my friend before and after she started using Naturaful. When she looked at the pictures, she was really surprised because she could not believe that cream and pills is what caused such a transformation in her. I figured that is what would convince her, and she started taking the pills and using the cream that same day. Six months later, I don’t have to ask if it is working because I can see with my own two eyes that she has a bigger bust line. She looks great!

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