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Our City is Growing and Building Bigger and Bigger Every Day

A project this big was all new to us. The biggest thing I had to deal with as a planning commissioner in the past was putting together things for a seven story building that had a parking garage. It was for county offices since the courthouse was so old. Now I even needed a Primavera tutorial to help me figure out how to most effectively use the project planning software that the contractors and engineers were using. The decisions fell to me, and I needed to be up to speed to make those decisions.

I relied on a lot of really smart people to help guide me to the information I needed to absorb to make the best decisions along the way. If you have ever been involved in a building project, you know that the best made plans on paper or computer need to be altered when unforeseen things pop up. One such thing for us was an unrecorded sewer line for the courthouse that needed to be rerouted to allow the foundation of the new building to be built. The lead architect put together a plan to do it at the lowest cost, but there were some questions about his methods. It was just too innovative for some of the other planners to understand, but the decision fell to me. I gave the go ahead, and my earlier Primavera tutorial helped me use the software to keep everyone from the plumbers to the excavators up to speed on the project changes.

I keep moving forward and learning more every day. I sit up late at night learning how to use new things to do my job better, and the bigger we grow the more complicated the systems we use become. I’m not too old yet to stay up to speed. Plus, these young folks need a little tempered wisdom that comes with age.

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