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Planning for a Destination Wedding is Affordable

We are married now and as happy as we were when we were dating. We decided early on to live within our means but still have some fun and adventure. This is why we used a destination wedding planner in Edmonton when we were getting married. We wanted a beach wedding, and we did not want to have to forego being able to bu a house to do it. We actually had already put money down on our house, and we were getting married and moving in ASAP. Still, we did not want debt for our wedding an honeymoon. Too many couples are willing to take on huge debt for their wedding and honeymoon.

We went the traditional route letting our parents help pay for things. They wanted to, and it is appropriate. We asked about a destination type of wedding, and all four of them were really happy we wanted that. It was winter at home when we were getting married, and they wanted us to have it in the summer. So, they said if the summer would not come to us, then we would go to the summer. I was okay with that and so was my fiance! I remember the anticipation of getting married on a sunny and warm beach even though it was cold back home. Then we were spending two weeks in the tropical climate. It was such a wonderful experience.

We kept track of the weather at home. It was cold, rainy and snowy for the whole time we were gone. We invited family members and close friends who could and wanted to make the trip with us. Some stayed only for the wedding and reception while a few others actually made a mini vacation out of their trip to join us for our wedding. It was tons of fun and has left us with memories that will stick with us for a lifetime.

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