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Yeah. You read the title right. Sheep vaginas. Now, don’t worry… you won’t see anything that will traumatize you for life. Instead, you’ll see some adorable fluffy lambs and some super weird momma sheep. I volunteered for two weeks on a sheep farm in Audnedal, Norway during lambing season. I am in ZERO ways an expert on lamb births or sheep labor or animal nutrition or quantum physics. This is just a gal sittin’ and talkin’ about her really random experience delivering 43 lambs, what she learned from it, and her best friend, Ralph. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms): || FOLLOW ME || ? INSTAGRAM – ? TWITTER – ? SNAPCHAT – cosbycc ? BLOG – (coming soon??) P.S. Sorry about the changing natural light in the video. I’m staying in a super small fishing village in Northern Norway, so I don’t exactly have access to fancy industrial lighting 😛 Or really even more than one lightbulb… Takk Takk!

Many Stylish sheep Snap shots

  1. Sheep sheep
    Photo fromlukask A new flock of 100 sheep in Kennemerduinen
  2. Sheeps sheep
    Photo fromFred Masson 3 out of the 1 million sheeps in Iceland
  3. Sheep sheep
    Photo fromgrassrootsgroundswell
  4. Sheep sheep
    Photo fromlydurs
  5. Sheep sheep
    Photo fromandrew_j_w
  6. Sheep sheep
    Photo fromKnitSpirit Blog article: {Road trip in Australia} D’Hamilton à Ouyen
  7. sheep sheep
    Photo fromAmbersky235 Please visit my website In the photograph gallery you will find more photographs, not only of sheep but other animals. Also photographs sized for desktop wallpaper of a variety of subjects including sheep, cattle, horses, birds , fish, plants, architecture and scenery

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