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The Survival of a Society

In all of is is the desire to find what we can consider a home. Some of us were not so lucky to have been raised in a home. Some of us associate them with memories best left undisturbed and forgotten. It’s why I prefer apartments to buying a home. I’m transient by nature. I like being able to lock up and go whenever I feel the need to. The Alamo Heights apartments have been my most recent put r stop during my avoidance of stability and solid ground. There it’s a movement in the past two generations of people who have grown info adulthood and found out to be an unsatisfying reality.

The standard that it’s expected of the global adult as dictated by social pressures is something to be scoffed at and avoided at all costs. Instead, they have taken up a philosophy of minimalism. We reject the notion that more is better. We deny that happiness can be found within leaving a home. The shackles that material goods are subtle but very much a real thing. How can we know ourselves if we don’t live a life differently than the one that we were raised in?

If we follow the same path through our entire lives and never venture from the path set by our parents do wet not becoming like them? Where is our individuality going to be found of not in the new memories to be made from the experiences and thoughts that arise from the new and the unique. The life of what America considers to be an adult one is one that had been created roo Steve the interests of the greater society at work. It’s neither bad our good. It’s just how society and civilization organizes itself info in order to ensure it’s continued survival.

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