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We Just Closed on the House

It took a great deal of effort to figure out all of the technical details with the bank, but we finally have finished closing on the house. It is pretty small and it cost us less than we expected that it would, so we have a little bit of money left over from what we had saved for the down payment. Of course that is going to be spent in no time flat, we already started to look at rugs for sale because there are some rather worn places on the floors. Eventually we are going to rent a floor sander and refinish the floors, but that is going to take some time that we do not have at this point in time. It is easy enough to say all that, but we are going to think about every move that we make. The idea is to keep this home for as long as we need to, then to sell it at a profit and move to a place that better fits our needs.

Obviously we want to make this place as comfortable as possible and if we are going to turn a profit, then we need to fix all that is wrong with it and not put too much money in the place when we do. It is a tough thing. Right now we are going to be happy just to get some nice rugs and a couple of pieces of furniture. It is going to be a nice place after we do a few things, but for now we want to build up our savings. It is a good idea to always have some money in the bank for an emergency. After we do that we are going to try to fix up the kitchen, but only within a reasonable budget.

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